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First of its kind in the UK teaching Cus D’amato’s unique fighting system at the Peek-A-Boo Boxing Club in Clacton. Cus would have taught anyone boxing, that would walk through the doors of the gym. However, after his death and  UP UNTIL NOW… Peek-A-Boo Boxing has been kept UNDERGROUND  at the Catskills in New York City where the late Great Cus D’amato taught.

Peek a Boo Boxing Club Clacton

What is Cus’s Boxing System about?

Science of Head Motion- offence=defence=defence=offence ( a way to hit and not get hit) = BAD INTENTIONS : ‘Once you learn to stay low and tuck behind your gloves, in constant motion, no one is gonna be able to land nothing’…..Cus

What is Peek-A-Boo Boxing – Club in Clacton

Peek-a-boo is a boxing style which received its common name for the defensive hands position, which are normally placed in front of the boxer’s face. The technique is thought to offer extra protection to the face whilst making it easier to jab the opponent’s face. The fighter holds their gloves close to their cheeks and pulls their arms tight against their torso.

Key principles

Peek-a-boo’s key principles are built upon the “Bad intentions” concept, which emphasize the D’amato philosophy. The general idea is that the Peek-a-boo practitioners are counterpunchers, who contrary to accustomed ways of counterpunching perceived as constantly backing-up and jabbing from the safe distance, move forward and do it with a lot of aggressiveness by constantly charging at the opponent, provoking him into throwing punches to counter, and subsequently into making mistakes to capitalize on, by creating openings and dominant angles of attack.

Hit and not get hit

 “The object of boxing is to hit and not get hit but to do it in a manner that excites the crowd, nobody wants to pay to watch a boring fighter, we must excite the crowd!” So here it is, a complete guide to the skill and tools needed to create exciting effective fighters where one can learn the most advanced and technically advantaged skills that ever existed in the boxing ring. While many trainers train great fighters, only Cus Created greatness through study and application, skills that transcend time and work just as effectively now as they did then.

Why are the Peek a Boo Boxing Club in Clacton so effective

The thing about the style is you don’t have to think. The stimulus present itself and you respond appropriately without conscious intervention. You just do it. It’s absolutely perfect. The style is unbeatable if you execute it correctly.  

Peek-A-Boo Boxing – The concepts of the style

Closing the distance

Peek-a-boo style of boxing is great when you want to chase your opponents down and close the distance quickly.

Due to the squared position, you are in a much better position to cut off the ring and since you’re not in a particular stance, you can land punches from both hands.

Closing distance while moving with a squared body is simply a tantalizing sight for any of your opponents. For instance, not many people expect you to barge in with devastating counters. Most of them want you to use cautious jabs.

Allows quick movements

Especially, if you’re a fighter with short height, this style is a great way to make your opponent scared and hesitant.

Quick movements coupled with evasive style and frenetic energy is what made Iron Mike so explosive. So, with your sharpness and top-notch conditioning, you can simply close the distance and control the proceedings.

Peek-A-Boo Boxing Club in Clacton gives you an offensive edge

Though a defensive technique, peek-a-boo style really preps you up for an offensive style knowing that you’ll guard yourself well.

The main proposition of this style is it moves against the rhythm. Most of the boxers aren’t used to facing a challenge like this. They are not used to fighters who move in off-rhythm.

Use off-rhythm as an unpredictable tool

Now, you must be thinking what’s off-rhythm? It’s nothing but a movement wherein your punches and movement isn’t in sync with general movements of attack and defense.

For instance, in on-rhythm, you punch and defend, that’s the basic instinct. The movement here is safe and predictable.

However, that’s not the case with off-rhythm. In off-rhythm, the movement isn’t predictable since the punching speed varies along with the overall movement.

Active defense

Last but not least, the biggest advantage of Peek-a-boo style is it helps you stay alert all the time.

It implies activeness and no relaxation at all. And add off-rhythm unpredictability to the mix and you have everything to make your opponent cautious and rethink every move.

Active defense allows to take down the likes of high-volume fighters and even pressure fighters.

Defensive techniques such as slipping work better than rolling if you want to interrupt your opponent and his smooth movements. Overall, you have an edge due to active defense which allows you to derail your opponent and make them weary about their own techniques.

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