About Denis – Passionate about fighting systems

I have been passionate about fighting systems all my life and I have been fortunate enough to have trained under Grand Masters of various fighting arts: Judo with David Starbrooke; Karate under Tatsuo Suzuki; Yawara Ju Jit Su under Terry Wingrove; Wing Tjun under GM Tam Yiu Ming ; Alkido under Eric Gillett and with traditional boxing itself. What was I looking for: A fighting system that could defeat ALL other arts. I feel now with Cus’s system I have found the ultimate fighting art. You just do it. It’s absolutely perfect. The style is unbeatable if you execute it correctly.

My Mentors:

Tom Patti ( my guidance boxing coach who has taught me) says : I was privileged to have lived and trained with Cus and was a roomate to Mike Tyson. Mike dominated much larger and often times more experienced fighters not because of his speed or power but instead due to the skills taught to him by our master teacher the great Cus D’Amato  

Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson

Tom: ‘Secretive as these training methods were to the outside world I feel it is now important to give back to the sweet science of fighting an everlasting gift of knowledge provided to you and through me from Cus D’Amato’

Steve Lott :Steve Lott is the CEO of Boxing Hall of Fame Las Vegas Nevada, boxing manager, boxing film historian ; Encyclopedia of boxing and was, assistant to fight managers of the time Bill Cayton and Jim Jacobs who financed Tyson’s boxing coach and life mentor Cus D’Amato .

My Mission:

To perserve and teach Cus’s system ; arguably the BEST most effective style in boxing and find the next Heavyweight Champion of the world with the help and guidance of my 2 mentors Tom Patti and Steve Lott

Steve Lott & Mike Tyson - Passionate about fighting systems
Steve Lott & Mike Tyson
Cas D'Amato's - Passionate about fighting systems
Cas D’Amato (middle), Mike Tyson (right of Cas), Tom Patti (far right)

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